Organization Culture

Company Profile

Asia Pacific International Property was establish on January 2012, Taipei, Taiwan. In the same year, we started to introduce well-known and high quality overseas properties to Taiwan’s investors. The investors, therefore, enriched their wealth level. For Asia Pacific, when we reached the unprecedented sales amount, we also showed an unpredictable growth of the real estate market in Taiwan.

Safe, Secure, and Trusted

In the early stage, we adhere to our main principle - safe, secure and trust. We provided the utmost sincere service to every client and finally receive achievement in Taiwan. After years of effort, with our elite team members and trusted client, we recognize the need for integration with the world, leading the industry to start looking for investment opportunities in neighboring countries. Finally, we saw the charm and opportunities of ASEAN and decided to step into the international market. We build an aggregator real estate global platform: Asia Pacific International Property, developed Taiwan’s wealth in line with the world economy by continuing to provide good services to our clients.


Professional, Sincerity and Dedication

There is no success if we have done it on our own. Therefore, we sincerely thank everyone involved in our project.

Asia Pacific International Property always self- expectations all member to adhere our core value: professional, secure and dedication to develop oversea market. Besides that, we also invited Counterparts Company to work together, swept the market by efficient mode of cooperation, creating a dazzling success.

Professional- Others that real estate agent license, through internal training, we do various test no matter by oral or writing to ensure that team members have the most complete professional knowledge and service attitude.

Sincerity- We cherish every customer, pay attention to every cooperation. This sincere attitude form tacit from our cadres’ members. Lead the example for all new member and get impact to our client.

Dedication - Continuing given complete information, training, and tools to members, ensure that ‘Marketing’ becomes a natural thing, and more willing to share.



[Dazzling Achievement]

We always treat the challenges as our training opportunities. In two years, we meet dazzling achievement:



2012 Jan 

Establish of Asia Pacific International Property, provide quality construction project to clients.

2012 Apr 

Establish an internal training system, strengthen the integrity and combat capability of business system.

2012 Apr 

Introduce Malaysia’s largest developer SP Setia construction project-SKY, successful sales out.

2012 Jul

Activate cooperation marketing system, sales radiating surface

2013 Jun

Expansion over 50 branch outlet, build an offline marketing network

2013 Oct

Introduce project near KLCC Malaysia. Malaysia official holding developer- Layer Intan Sdn Bhd

2014 Jan

Introduction of superior resident construction-Meridin which located next to Asia’s first Legoland.

2014 Mar

Expanded of administrative staff to meet booming marketing department needs.

2014 Apr

Expansion over 100 branch outlet, successful build an offline marketing network, expand brand influence.




[Source of Projects]

To protect clients and dealers, Asia Pacific International Property will make a carefully selection. We only cooperate with world-renowned and excellence background developer. Do blueprint comprehensive assessment to related city to get the most accurate data and observation before judgment. After complete of the relevant professional assessment, meet with the developer for further communicate to reach the consensus. For us, stability more important that the profit. We attach important to each communicate in the transaction process, adhere stable development, and eventually won the recognition by most people. We observe and study the new market thru return on investment, given the most accurate assessment for our clients. ASEAN will be the first priority cause by the profit margin and have the same culture and language with us. Currently, not only ASEAN, we have expand our business to more continent, wide range of development given more selection to meet the client’s need.



[Future Outlook]


Diversified marketing only our first phase. Asia Pacific International Property act as a pioneer. Through a high technology platform and professional services, continuously compose with those aspiring company, we provide a perfect platform, combination of real estate demand and servicer, made a win-win situation. Sales, only a way to promote enterprise development. Asia Pacific International Property long term goal is pursue to be a more diversified business model.